Saturday, February 2, 2013

How Sad

The kids have been talking about Groundhog's Day at school this week, which has led to lots of excitement about whether Phil would see his shadow or not today.  This morning, Pete got up a little after 7:00.  He went into the living room and found Grace as he usually does on a Saturday morning.  Snuggled up in a blanket with the TV remote in hand.  I was semi-awake and could hear her sweet voice as she said something to Pete.  I turned over and tried to go back to sleep.  

A little later, Pete came back into our bedroom.  Once he knew I was awake and it was safe to talk to me, he told me that Grace told him something that made him sad.  She wasn't watching one of the 10 Disney channels we have like normal.  She was on one of the local networks.  She said, "Daddy, I'm trying to find out if the groundhog saw his shadow and all they are talking about is kids that have gotten shot or kidnapped."  How sad.  How sad that you can't turn on the TV at 7:00 on a Saturday morning and find "regular" news.  {Or cartoons on a local network.}  How sad that this world is so crazy that our kids aren't safe.  Anywhere.  How sad that our media has to sensationalize every story, every tragedy and psycho behind them.  How sad that these crazy things happen all the time now.

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