Friday, September 7, 2012

Grace Started School!

I wasn't really sure how Grace's first day of school would go.  For me.  Or her.  I had tentative plans to meet some friends from church for breakfast after drop-off, but I didn't fully commit in case I was a basket case.  As it turns out, the morning went great.  We made it to her classroom {no other kids were there - surprising since we were a little later than planned thanks to traffic} and her teacher told her where to put her things.  If you looked up "Momma's Girl" in the dictionary, you'd probably find her picture.  Given her  normal clingy-ness to me, I expected some kind of ordeal when we got ready to leave.  Didn't happen.  We told her "bye" and she almost acted bothered that we were still there.

Grace & her teacher
Sam & Grace rode the bus home that afternoon.  As they were walking from the bus stop, I asked how their day was.  All I got out of Grace was "The bus was a little out of control today, but it was fine."  I think the bus has settled down a little.  And I guess school is OK too.

Grace had a phase-in week so we had a couple of extra days that first week.  We went to lunch with Grandma & Papa one day.  The 2nd day, we had lunch with Pete.  As Grace & I were driving to meet him for lunch, she was campaigning heavily to go & get a new stuffed animal at the mall.  She mentioned that Sam had gotten one one time while she was at a birthday party.  I explained that he got one that day because she was doing something fun {we also had a coupon or rewards or a gift card or something making it pretty inexpensive}.  The following conversation took place.

Grace:  "Well!  Sam is doing something fun today.  He got to go to school!!"  
Me: "Oh, you like school?"
Grace:  "Not only do I like it, I love it!!  School is AWESOME!!!"

{I hope she keeps that attitude about school....}

Talking about school distracted her for a minute, but it didn't take her long to ask again to go to the mall.  She didn't win that battle, but we did settle on going by a new yogurt place on the way home. 

Grace is still adjusting to the longer school day, but she seems to like it.  She likes P.E. { her words...where they learn about their muscles & their bodies and do exercises} and recess best so far.  I'm a little sad that summer is over and I no longer have a preschooler, but I am glad to be getting back into a routine.

How are you adjusting/re-adjusting to school at your house?

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