Monday, August 27, 2012

2nd Annual Destination Unknown Road Trip

Like last year, we took advantage of our last free Saturday before soccer & school schedules set in.  We {ok, I} wanted to make a few stops in Birmingham, but other than that we didn't have any set plans.  We hit the road late morning & headed south.  

We saw this cool car as well as several others that day.  There must have been a car show somewhere.  

We also passed these SUVs.  When I first saw them, it looked like they were traveling together with the 2nd car WAY too close.  After they went blowing past us, we noticed that the 2nd car was being towed by the first.  And it was fully loaded.  And had bikes on the back.  Didn't seem very smart or safe for this person to be doing 80+, but what do I know?

Our first stop was The Summit for lunch at Urban Cookhouse {dee-lish!  I had a marinated steak sandwich with mac & cheese. Pete had marinated steak on rice with a salad.  And the kids had grilled chicken tenders - not fried.}.  We also got in a little shopping.  

After that, we headed over to 18th Street to check out a bench that we looked at back in the spring.  

The bench in the sunroom

Another view...the bench in the sunroom
Oh, and we picked up a few things at Savage's...I love their almond coffee cake {sorry, no pic!}.  Yum!  

We decided to go home via Gadsden so we headed that way and made a quick stop at Grand River.  

Once we made it to Gadsden, we decided to eat at Top of the River.  Pete & I ate there for the 1st time way back in 2001 when we visited a jewelry store a friend of mine worked at.  It was good back in the day, but I have to say that I wasn't very impressed this time around.  

We left Gadsden & headed towards home.  We drove through Boaz and saw the remains of one of the first outlet malls we shopped in.  Sad how times have changed.  Despite the kids being a little grumpy {read tired}, it was a fun day without a full agenda or timeline.

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