Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mommy! It's America's Birthday Today!

My day started yesterday like it would any time you've been battling a sinus infection for a while...with a trip back to the doctor.  It was loads of fun...complete with chest x-rays and a new batch of meds.  I came home and started working my-near-spreadsheet-worthy-schedule of medicine including steroids.

In a moment of feeling slightly better, I started {or should I say re-started -we've talked about it before} a conversation with Pete about the fact that Grace starts school this fall.  And that freaks me a out a little.  Anyway, we have talked some about the possibility of me finding some part-time work that I could possibly do at home to slightly redefine my purpose since my days of bottle fixing & diaper changing are over.  With Grace in school soon, I will have more time on my hands and with a little extra income I can better support my creative habits or help with growing expenses of school, sports, etc. or even vacation.

As I was getting ready for bed last night, I took the last of my steroids for the day along with a dosage of cough medicine that is known for its zombie-like qualities, hoping that I could sleep.  As the steroids and cough medicine waged war against each other, I tossed and turned for hours.  And didn't sleep.  My mind raced right back to the earlier discussion of what I could do.  I thought of several people that I could put feelers out to and see what happened.

Once I finally started to settle & get to sleep, a certain little 5 year old appeared by my bed.  She "wanted me".  Great.  I've barely slept and now have to make room for someone else in our bed.  We got settled and I finally was asleep again.  Morning came, and Pete got up closing the curtains to let us sleep in.  I slept awhile longer and then was awakened by Grace again.  She leaned over me and in the sweetest most excited voice said, "Mommy!!!  It's America's birthday today!!!"  I was reminded of something at that point that I definitely already knew, but that my most important job was as a Wife to Pete and a Mom to Grace and Sam.  Today, I will just worry about that.  And celebrate the freedoms we are blessed to have.  Tomorrow or sometime later, we will figure out how the rest of it works out.

I hope you have a Safe and Happy 4th surrounded by those you love!

From our trip to Stone Mountain Memorial Day weekend

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