Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Beach

We took advantage of Sam having a weather day at school & headed to the beach for a long weekend.  We had errands to run {including lunch at Lambert's & Shrimp Basket} and a few repairs to make at the condo by day, but we played in the water in the late afternoon/early evening.

On Friday, the water was pretty rough.  Sam & Grace enjoyed splashing around in the water, but I wouldn't let them go out very far.

When we went back out on Saturday, it was much calmer.  Calm enough to play with some boogie boards from the attic.  The kids played & played.

and played...

and played...

until it was time to go in and get cleaned up.  And try to catch the Super Moon.

We got our work and play done and returned home to wrap up school.  Only a couple of more weeks until summer!  We can't wait!  Until next time, beach...

P.S. If you'd like info about our condo in Gulf Shores, check out this link.

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