Thursday, February 9, 2012


Hello 2012!  I can't believe that February is already here - and 1/3 behind us.  Like many, I sometimes have trouble this time of year with the weather, less going on to occupy my mind.  I've worked hard this year to stay busy & ward off the winter blues.  So far so good.  

Over the last month or so, I've been thinking about goals.  Not resolutions because they often get pushed aside after a short time.  My goals are things that I want to work on in a realistic manner. So my current goals...

1.  Eat at home more.  We have always eaten out a good bit ALL THE TIME.  When I was working pre-kids, we would eat dinner out 2-3 times a week - sometimes more.  It wasn't fun to come home & cook a meal for 2 after working all day.  This pattern continued after Sam came along, after Grace came along and after I quit working.  It has recently become so expensive to go out to eat so often since we are now having to pay for both kids.  We try to take advantage of free kids meals or even sharing some of our food, but it is still expensive.

Another thing I have noticed lately {and I'm not sure if it is just me or a change in the restaurants} is that we're paying a lot of money for a lot of bad food.  We have narrowed our list to a few restaurants that we are willing to frequent.

Thanks to Pinterest and Once a Month Mom, I have developed a varied menu on Google Calendar to help with meal planning and to help keep us from eating the same 3 dishes over and over.

2.  Focus more on eating REAL food.  That's not to say we won't ever be eating processed foods, but I want to be more aware of what we're eating, where it came from, what's in it, etc.  More real = more nutrition = healthier.  Once a Month Mom is doing a series, Get Real, that I am following as we begin this journey.  I haven't done much with this yet other than to try to idenify the processed items we have & incorporate them into my menu so that we can use them up.  I'm also starting to research recipes, etc. for making things to replace processed foods.

We have been members of a CSA for a few years now, and I will try to freeze/can more of that stuff {supplemented by a farmer's market when I need more quantity for certain items}.  We have also been buying some meat locally, but I would like to increase that as well.

3.  Craft & create more.  I haven't done as much crafting and/or creating since we had kids.  I've somehow managed to stay busy with other things.  As the kids are getting more independent by the second and I'm getting further away from my creative job {I spent 12 years as a buyer working with many talented people across the country to bring ideas to life}, I feel the need to be creative again.  I'm sure Pinterest hasn't helped {or hurt?} any either.  From decorate-y, crafty projects to set aside scrapbook projects to other scrapbook projects {day in the life, project life type things}, I'm ready to tackle more.

4.  Finish.  We've spent the last few years working on various projects to make our house home.  Most of them are finished, but there are some that aren't.  We have flowerbeds that we have worked on in stages with replacing plants.  It's time to finish the last phase. We have been working towards simplifying and trying to have less stuff.  I'm ready for the rest of the excess "stuff" to be gone so we have more time for other things, things that matter, things we want to do.  We are also still mid-move/rearrange half the house from our office conversion project.  This year needs to be, as Jon Acuff suggested, a finish year.

5.  Wear smaller clothes.  This is something that has been a struggle.  I've done the Weight Watcher thing off & on for over 10 years.  It's hard.  I'm hoping by getting into the habit of eating at home a lot more and by trying harder to eat fresh, local food that it will become easier.  {We are still eating out some but not near as much as we have in the past.}  I know that it will also mean establishing and maintaining a realistic-for-me exercise plan which might be difficult since I don't like running.  Or sweating.  Especially when it isn't fun.  The plan also should not involve dealing with a shady, dishonest gym like the one about a mile from my house.  Not that I'm bitter or anything...

These are big things to tackle, but I think easing into them gradually will help me to not be overwhelmed.  I've gotten a pretty good handle on our menu planning and will work towards making it more WW friendly while still keeping it REAL.  I'm fitting in a little crafting here & there and also taking steps towards finishing other things.  I just have work on the exercise thing.  Hopefully that will be easier as it gets a little warmer outside.

So what are you tackling this year?  And what steps are you taking to make sure you stick with it?

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