Monday, October 31, 2011


Grace - aka Dorothy - had a busy Friday.  We met one of her best friends for a late breakfast of scary face pancakes and then headed to her party at MMO. 

We shopped a clearance sale for her costume last year & I picked up her ruby slippers recently.  One of her favorite stuffed puppies, Purplish, played the part of Toto.

We got to the party and the kids had a costume parade where they also trick-or-treated.  After that, we headed upstairs for some games.

Grace had fun with all of the games.  A couple of things that caught my attention were the spider web game and hopscotch.

For the spider web game, they were supposed to kick these inflated spiders into the spider web.  She didn't hold back & put her newly acquired soccer kicking skills to work {which actually would be nice to see her use more when she's playing a game}.

She also was serious about her hopscotch.

After Grace's school party, we headed home for a break.  Later that afternoon, we headed out for her program at dance class.  The kids had a few minutes of free play before the program started.

Watching the older girls...

Here's Grace as she was getting ready to do her tap routine...

Dorothy got the rest of the weekend off.  Don't let that fool you though.  We were plenty busy, and Grace hung right in there with us.

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