Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Grace's Senior Year

Here we are. The week I've looked forward to and dreaded at the same time. Grace started her senior year (as my Mom likes to call it) at MMO last week. She cried the first day of big kid school because she wanted to get on the bus with big brother Sam and her friends. Those first few days were kind of rough, but she settled down and we enjoyed her last few weeks at home with me. 

I've been looking forward to peaceful mornings to hopefully get things done a little easier. I've dreaded this because I know that things will really kick into high gear now, and kindergarten will be here in no time. Grace woke up the first morning excited and ready for school. Because of the cooler weather, Pete told her she needed to wear pants. She insisted on jeans, which was huge surprise. We fought for months last year about wearing jeans. She even wore tennis shoes...another source of morning frustration. She's growing up I guess. 

Ready to go!

Grace & her teacher

Grace is settling nicely back into the school routine.  She fought me half of last year because she was signed up for 3 days a week and only wanted to go 2 days.  This year, she is already complaining that she is only going 3 days instead of 4 days.  I think she might be a little bit like her school-loving brother.  I think we'll stick with 3 days, and I'll savor these last months {I know, almost year} before she starts kindergarten.

Are your kids settled back into school?

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