Thursday, September 15, 2011

Doe Run Farm

I first learned about CSA's {Community Supported Agriculture} a couple of summers ago.  Pete read about them somewhere and was telling me about them.  I did some reading of my own and decided we should try it out.  I then did a little more research to find a local CSA and found Doe Run FarmWith Doe Run Farm, we could have fresh vegetables that are organic {not as big an issue to us at the time but more so now} and locally grown.  I played with the numbers, and the cost worked out to be not much more than we would spend in the produce section at the grocery store each week.  And the hardest work we'd have to do was get in the car & drive a few miles down the road to pick them up.  No fighting bugs or squash bores.  No traffic jams in the produce section.

One week's haul from fall share
I was a little sad to realize that it was too late for us to take advantage of the summer share that year since it was June by the time we made the CSA discovery.  We decided to keep an eye out for the fall/winter share registration.   We got signed up and anxiously awaited the season.

The fall season arrived, and we had quite an educational experience.  We were familiar with most vegetables, but we did have some new things that we tried out.  It was interesting to try the new things.  Some of our favorites from the season were sweet potatoes and apples.

We were sad to see the season end but were even more excited to get the summer share.  The months between seasons seemed to drag by.  The season finally arrived in May, and we  anxiously awaited each week's box.

One of my fondest memories growing up is the time I spent at my Grandmother's house during the summer.  She had a garden and had several friends that had gardens.  She even had a sister & brother-in-law who farmed.  There was never a shortage of fresh fruit and veggies at her house - both to eat and to can or freeze for later.  I spent many days sharing my time between playing in her pool and helping her can.  We canned beans, cut corn off the cob for freezing, made pickles and jellies.  And when I wasn't helping her, I helped my Mom some too since she cans as well.

Thanks to our CSA share, I've spent a lot of time reflecting back on those days as I've been cooking the goodies from our box.  I've spent less time at the grocery store. {I've only been going to the grocery store once or twice a month during our share season.  I have picked up other staples at a supercenter when I shop for other household items.}  I've spent time in the kitchen with the kids {Sam especially} teaching them more of what I learned.  And I've even put some things up for later.

I'm really glad that we made the CSA discovery.  We've enjoyed delicious food all summer long and will continue to enjoy some of it during the winter months.  This summer's share just ended, and we're already excited for what the fall share will bring.  Sweet potatoes are still one of my favorites!

If you're local and interested in trying out Doe Run Farm, they still have shares available for the fall season.  You can register here until the end of the month or watch for next year's summer registration. 

*I am a paying patron of Doe Run Farm and have not been compensated for this post.  

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