Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Road Trip to Falls Mill, Monteagle & Chattanooga

We had hoped to escape for the weekend before school started.  We had reservations at a hotel with a really cool pool.

The weather forecast - for rain - didn't cooperate with our plans.  We cancelled our reservations and decided we should do something...anything...else.  Something before the chaos of schedules - school, soccer, scouts, and dance/gymnastics.

We packed a cooler with some drinks & a few snacks and then stopped for a eat-while-you-ride lunch so we could get on the road.

We didn't really have a particular place we wanted to go so we just started driving and ended up here at Falls Mill.

Pete & I visited here many years ago.  It was neat to see it again.  The kids enjoyed looking at all of the machines & equipment inside the mill. 

In the country store upstairs, they had an Aeolian player piano.  The lady there gave us a quarter to put in it.  The kids had fun listening & dancing to the music.

Sam soaked up the history and loved learning about how the mill operates.  He declared that he enjoyed coming there so much that we should visit every month.  That's one thing I like about that kid.  He is pretty easy to please.  Quite often, he'll say that whatever we're eating, doing, etc. {family day trip, game night or leftovers for dinner} is the best "fill in the blank" EVER. 

After we finished touring, we picked up some corn meal and pancake mix.  I've already started using the corn meal for frying okra from our CSA, and I'm hoping we can make pancakes this weekend.

Pete said the drive to Monteagle was a pretty drive so we headed that way after we left the mill.  It was pretty, but I'm sure it would've been even better had we not run into torrential downpours.  

The kids were ready for a snack after we left the mill, so we continued with our eat-while-you-ride plan.  Apparently, the multitasking was too much for Grace.  She fell asleep mid-snack with her hand in the bag.

We continued through the rain towards Chattanooga.  We were afraid that we would bring the rain with us since it was moving in that general direction, but we lucked out and didn't get wet during our stop for dinner in Chattanooga.  We've been to Chattanooga several times - enough for Sam to occasionally ask when we can go back to Sticky Fingers.  So, it wouldn't be right to go to Chattanooga & not eat there.  Right?

 I saw this bike on a building as we were driving in.  After dinner, we walked to find it.  I thought it was cool because it reminded me of the bikes we rented at the beach and it is similar to the bikes Pete & I just got.

We spent several minutes looking at all the "stuff" that was used to create it.  Really cool!

Grace spotted a carriage down the way...

On our way back to the van, we made one last stop at the Moon Pie store.  The kids had never had one so we bought a box of mini's to take home.

Although we didn't get to spend the day lounging around the pool as we'd hoped, we a fun day on our impromptu round about trip to Chattanooga.  Sam has asked when we'll be headed back to Nashville.  I think our next road trip might involve eating spaghetti in a train car...or something like that.

Have you been on any road trips lately?  Or come up with some spontaneous fun?

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