Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Much Fun!

We don't get too much snow here, so when the weathermen start talking about snow, we get a little giddy - and empty the grocery shelves of bread, milk & eggs.  The snow we got last night was talked about pretty much for the last week with more emphasis placed on it the closer we got to the weekend.  We spent as much of the weekend as we could out of the house because it seemed likely that we'd get snow that would shut the city down.

A shot out the front door just after midnight last night - snowlight! 
And we did.  It's a good thing we enjoyed our weekend out because we woke up to 8"-9" of the beautiful white stuff this morning.  This was the first big snow we've had in quite some time - I'm guessing it is the most we've had since the 1993 blizzard.  Sam & Grace saw their first big snow.

We put on layer after layer & headed outside.  We met up with our neighbors where a snowball fight broke out almost immediately.  We then headed to a nearby school to try to sled since we are lacking in the hill department.

Sam & Grace ready to play

Sam & our neighbor - and his schoolmate - E
We discovered that our "secret" spot wasn't such a secret.  There were several other people there.  Thankfully our neighbors had a couple of sleds {we'll have one for next year!} and even brought a couple of black trash bags - which worked as well for a low budget sled.  This was Sam & Grace's first time sledding, & they had a blast.  I even gave it a try - for the 1st time in who knows how many years.  Pete was as excited as the kids to sled, but the pics I got didn't demonstrate it.  I'll spare him the embarrassment of posting what looked like a painful experience judging by his expression.  LOL!
Grace lost her gloves & boots several times.

Sam ended up with snow EVERYWHERE!

After a while the kids got cold, we headed back home & got them inside to warm up.  Pete built a snowman.  It was cool to have enough snow to make a real snowman.  Ours {when we've actually bothered to build one} have always been small.
Mr. Life is Good
After Pete finished his snowman, he & I had a snowball fight.  Probably the 1st one we've had.  It was just us {the kids were getting warm inside}.  And it was FUN!
Our backyard
Another first for us was making snow cream.  We opted for the sweetened condensed milk & vanilla route.  It was pretty good!

Drizzled with chocolate vs. Plain
Our time out of the house over the weekend included a trip to Michaels.  They were having a big sale plus we wanted to try & find some crafts for our time stuck at home.  Our craft of the day was Shrinky Dinks.  I remember doing them as a kid so it was fun to share it with the kids.  After a little negotiating, we have some left for tomorrow.  We'll probably "hit the slopes" again, but we'll still need other things to do. 9" of snow doesn't disappear overnight, ya know?

All of the snow fun wore Pete & Grace out.  They napped for quite a while this afternoon.  We fixed "football snacks" for dinner to eat while we watched the National Championship {go SEC!}.  Gotta get to bed now.  I'm sure tomorrow will be snow much fun too!!

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  1. Your snow ice cream looks really good! I've always thought about making it but never had. Might be outside collecting clean snow next time it dumps on us!