Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hawaii 'Fun'd

In our former lives - aka, before we had kids - we went to Hawaii 4 times in a 4 year period. We liked it so much that there was only about 6 months between our 2nd & 3rd trips. Once Sam came along, we knew it would be awhile before we could handle the 9+ hour flight - with or without kids. We decided that our next trip would be to celebrate our 15th anniversary.

It has been a long {or short?} 7 1/2 years since we were last there. It's time to start planning to go back. As I mentioned before, we have had a change jar for quite some time. It was most recently "The Disney Jar". With our plans to return to the islands, we decided it was time for a little updating. We removed all things Disney & cleaned up the jar. A trip to Michael's for "Hawaii" stickers & we were ready to re-theme our jar. Start building a nest egg for a little something extra on our trip. Start building excitement for our soon to be planned trip.

It didn't take long for me to question my decision to make this a family project. Sam does great with this kind of stuff, but Grace is still a little difficult to reason with when it comes to sticker placement.

We made our way through our stickers & finally finished our decorating. Now, we'll start planning our trip, saving our pennies and working on our shakas.

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