Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This Week on "House"...

The other night, I was pretty tired and NEEDED to go to bed early. Grace still doesn't have a great sleep pattern, but the last week or so has been a lot worse than normal. We have put her to bed not once, twice, three times... but sometimes even more. Tuesday night was no exception. She came out of her room and asked for some milk. We gave her a little bit and then sent her back to bed.

A few minutes later, she came back into the living room again. She said her nose hurt. And she had green stuff in it. Considering she had had some congestion & drainage, her statement didn't surprise me. She kept on saying she had something green in her nose. Pete was ferociously searching for the nose sucker that has mysteriously disappeared. I got her in my lap & started looking in her nose. I asked Pete to bring me a flashlight. She did have something green in her nose. But it wasn't what I was expecting to find. It was as she described "a pen top" {which turned out to be a pencil eraser}.

It was 9:30. Pete looked at me, "I'll take her" {to the ER}. At the same time, going through my mind was...he has to get up to go to work in the morning...I am tired...looks like I'll be even more tired when I get home from the ER and go to bed. So I got dressed, grabbed some stuff to entertain Grace while we waited {and a Mountain Dew for me - hello, caffeine!} and we were on the way.

We got to the ER and only had to wait the amount of time it took me to fill out paperwork and for them to enter it in the computer. Phew! No super long wait. We got into a room & the nurse that took us back said she wanted to look in Grace's nose. Grace was less than thrilled about that. It took the 2 of us to hold her still just so the nurse could shine a light to see in her nose. I could only imagine how fun it would be when they were ready to actually do something about getting this green object out of her nose. We were just trying to look in her nose, and she was pitching a huge fit.

We got Grace's coloring book & crayons out and started coloring. A few minutes later, the doctor came in and wanted to see Grace's nose. Wow! That was fun! He left to gather his "tools" and would be back soon. A few minutes later, he came back with some saline spray & something in a syringe that would numb her nose. So he sprayed the saline and followed it with the numbing stuff. And the stuff just ran out of her nose onto her pajamas. She didn't like that..."I'm messy". The doctor said he had to go finish his "contraption" {and give the med a few minutes to work} and he'd be back.

He came back with his tools...a male nurse or tech, a female nurse, 2 different types of forceps and a paper clip. I felt like I was in a scene from "House" - enter House, Cameron & Chase. He bent the paper clip and made a hook at one end and said he expected it to be the best thing to retrieve our green thing. Everyone got into position. {I wish I had pictures!} They put the head of the bed straight up so Grace could sit up against it. The male nurse {Chase} got onto the head of the bed & straddled the frame so he could lean over the top of the mattress and hold Grace's head still. The other nurse {Cameron} was at the foot of the bed with a pillow covering Grace's legs. She was also holding her hands. I was sitting on one side holding on to her & talking to her while the doctor {House} was on the other side. It really went pretty fast, but Grace - expectedly - screamed the whole time. The nurse told her she could have a popsicle when they were done. Grace told her that she wanted purple "because it's my favorite!". Once the doctor got the eraser out {and handed it to me as a "souvenir" - gee, thanks!}, he thanked his backup for their help. The male nurse said it was the most fun he had had all night. They left & Grace enjoyed her popsicle while we waited to be discharged.

At some point while we were waiting, some hospital person came by and offered Grace a bear. It turns out that the bear was made by ladies at our church. They meet each month to make these bears and then deliver them to the hospital for them to give to kids when they are in the ER or staying in the hospital. Grace loved it. She wouldn't let go of it.

We finally got our discharge instructions - "Do not put things up your nose". And we were able to go home. I hoped that Grace would fall asleep on the way home since it was almost 11:30. No such luck. I guess the excitement of going to the hospital was too much. We got back home, and the bedtime fight continued. I was glad when she was finally asleep.

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