Friday, February 26, 2010

The Disney Jar

Pete & I have had a change jar for a long time. Our original one was so big that we never could fill it. We ended up getting rid of it and buying one that was a little smaller. It is still big. For our 10th anniversary cruise, we saved enough change to buy the romance package. We had appetizers in our room, flowers, chocolate covered strawberries, big thick robes, etc. It was nice. All from loose change.

When we decided to take the kids to Disney World for the first time, we bought some Disney stickers and named the jar "The Disney Jar". We have saved change before each trip and used it towards souvenirs or a pirate cruise. A little something extra.

Our next trip is coming soon so I recently decided to count the change and see how we were coming along.

Sam came home from school when I was mid-count. He helped me make stacks of 10 dimes, 10 pennies, 5 nickels and 4 quarters. We even had some $20, $5 & $1 bills.

We counted and stacked. And counted and stacked. It took a couple of hours to work through all of the change.

When we finished, we had a total of $284.75. It took us a while to save it. Some was literally pocket change. Some came from couponing. Anything I saved in coupons {although I didn't put it in every time} would go into the jar.

We loaded our change up and took it to the bank for safe keeping until it is time for us to go to Disney World. And we've already started saving again for our next trip. And to make it fun, we'll be re-theming our stickers soon for our next destination. The plan is for our next big trip to be to Hawaii. Just as soon as we save enough pennies.

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