Sunday, January 24, 2010

Makin' Room

We knew that Pete's dad would be coming back to live with us for awhile after his surgery. We found out a few days ago that he will be here on Thursday. So we spent part of this weekend doing some rearranging. We worked on getting Sam moved into the guest room upstairs. Pete's dad is almost 4 weeks into recovery from having his foot amputated. He has come a long way, but he still has a long way to go. He'll be staying in Sam's room until he can either manage at home by himself or can manage the stairs. However it works out.

So Sam is sleeping in his "new" room for the first time tonight.
He seemed pretty excited about it. I hope it isn't a tough adjustment for him. Or his Momma.

Tomorrow, Pete is having a cyst removed from his ankle. Our prayer is that his recovery is quick. He has a busy spring ahead...coaching indoor soccer and t-ball, miles of walking at Disney. And I'm sure that he'll be playing some golf too.

I hope that we are starting to settle back into a routine and that I can have time again for some of my, scrapbooking and blogging. I think I will need those things and that time spent for my sanity.

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