Thursday, December 3, 2009

What I learned on my trip to Gulf Shores (& Birmingham)

Pete recently decided that it would be a good idea if I went down to the condo when our last renter left to check everything out and collect keys from our property management company. We drove down Monday afternoon. We spent Tuesday running around - getting keys, furniture shopping, eating, meeting with the cleaning company we planned to hire. And we did a few things around the condo too. We drove back to Birmingham Wednesday afternoon for Mom's doctor appointments Thursday morning. {She is good!} Here are some things I learned on the trip...

1. The property management company that you fire due to bad service will even screw up the termination. While the condo looked clean overall, the crew left some dirty linens behind. Which kind of makes you wonder. Not to mention the fact that they were suppose to take EVERYTHING out before you arrived. You fired them, remember?

2. Lambert's - home of Throwed Rolls - closes when people stop showing up. That means when you show up in December at 6:30, you might be one of the last tables they seat. And you might have to ask them to bring you passarounds.

3. The property management company that you fire due to bad service will screw up again. After I complained about the dirty linens, they sent someone out to clean the condo. Twice. In 2 days. After they were fired. I have never seen them so anxious to clean something.

4. Riding out a what would be a tropical storm in December makes it a winter storm. A 45 mph wind is still a 45 mph wind whether it is summer or winter. And when you are sitting safe in your condo it feels kind of like being on a cruise ship.

5. If you turn on the light in your van when it is dark, crazy windy and threatening rain to get your stuff together before you get out - and leave it on - it will kill your battery. DEAD.

6. When the AAA man comes to jump start your battery and he puts the cables on the battery, it will set off the alarm and cause your horn to blare. Repeatedly.

7. Taking a shower while your horn is blaring makes for a less than relaxing experience.

8. Resetting your alarm is hard to do when your battery is basically dead and you only have one key.

9. Any time you open the door with the car in this state, the horn will start blaring again.

10. And you can drive down the road with the horn blaring.

11. The locals will look at you like you are a crazy woman when you pull up to the Walmart service department & get out and your horn starts blaring. And being men, they will think they know how to fix it without knowing that your battery was as dead as a doornail just a few short minutes ago.

12. When you are driving down the interstate and wave your hand back & forth to demonstrate how the 18 wheeler you just passed was handling the wind - or not, the 18 wheeler you are approaching might take it as an invitation to pull out in front of you. And slow you down.

13. You never know what you'll see or hear on the road. Or when you stop for a bathroom/snack break. While I was in the restroom at Priester's Pecans, a lady was using the restroom and had her car keys hanging out of her pocket. They fell out into the toilet just as the auto flusher started, and they were flushed away. The kind people at Priester's helped her call & arrange to get a new key. Not sure what happened with their plumbing.

14. Grace likes dogs. Particularly stuffed ones or statues. From the one in Lambert's to the polka dotted dogs in the Victoria's Secret window at a mall in Birmingham. And she will ask you to take her picture with one every time she finds one.


  1. Hi Kim,
    I am now a follower of your blog! Don't get to keep up much during our CSA season as you can imagine!

    Love your blog, the trip to the Gulf must have been REAL exciting:) Hugs

  2. Thanks for following! I am sure you stay plenty busy in season! I can't wait until the next season starts!!

    The trip was a busy one, but we did have several laughs. :)