Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Have you ever played Trouble? My brother, Matt, and I played plenty of games growing up. My grandparents had it at their house. And we played a lot. When we spent the night. When we camped in their camper.

It seems that the tradition has carried on. Sam {& Grace to some extent} play Trouble with Grandma.

Sam's turn...

Grace was pleading her case with Grandma...

...and putting on the pout...

Sam was contemplating his move...

...and he eventually beat Grandma who proceeded to "get him" by tickling him for beating her.

Good times!

1 comment:

  1. How precious! I love that pout pic of Grace- beautiful!! How can you say no to that?
    And we played LOTS of games at my grandmother's house- mainly Gin, Gin Rummy and Solitaire. And there are several puzzles that I can still see that we put together ALL.The. TIME. OH- and Hi Ho Cherrio! What I wouldn't give to see that game again!
    So much fun. I'm glad your family traditions are carrying on!