Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pete - 39

Today is Pete's 39th {I really can't believe that!} birthday. We celebrated with a sans-kids lunch at Ruth's Chris, dinner with the kids & my parents at Cracker Barrel, gifts and cupcakes. We will celebrate with the rest of the family soon.

I don't know exactly why - maybe they are easy - but i have been on a cupcake kick lately. Maybe it is my inability to make 2 or 3 perfect cakes for a round layered cake {or unwillingness to "fix" them if they're not}. Or the fact that I can't seem to ice cakes like I want them to be. Anyway...I decided to make german chocolate cupcakes for Pete. For his birthday.

A little sidetrack...

As you can see in the picture above and more closely in the one below, my cupcakes aren't all iced with coconut pecan icing. I cheated and bought a tub of icing - which is actually pretty good. I'm not sure what the Betty Crocker & Duncan Hines people are thinking, but their tubs WILL NOT ice 36 cupcakes. Unless they are mini cupcakes. Maybe. Or you get icing on a knife or spreader of choice and run it across the top of the cupcake once. I have made cupcakes 3 times recently and have had to have extra icing. It actually works out okay because Sam & Grace generally won't touch anything that doesn't have white icing on it. I picked up some Pillsbury Easy Frost {I think} to use for the occasional cookie icing for the kids. It tastes pretty good, but the presentation isn't always so pretty. Not to worry though. Grace just licks it off anyway.

Back to partying to celebrate 39...

We gave Pete his present when he got home from work. The kids were excited and couldn't stand to let him check out his stuff on his own.

Happy Birthday Pete! I enjoyed our lunch today and our time together as a family this evening. Hope you had a great day! And have many more to come!

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