Sunday, November 8, 2009

The decorating has started...

I broke down and bought a lighted palm tree that I planned to put in our foyer. {And now I'm prepared for when I retire and move to the beach. LOL! Or want to celebrate Christmas at the beach - a more likely situation. We DID ring in the New Year on Maui one year, you know?} There is room in there for something small - skinny - and I thought it would be good since our regular tree won't be seen from the front of the house. It was a little big so it is living in our dining room instead. The view from the street won't be as good as it would be in the foyer, but it does fill the corner nicely {and I'm working on fixing the ugly cord mess}.

So the decorating has started. I hope to have our non-tree decorating done by Thanksgiving. Wish me luck!

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