Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A little bit of crazy

I got a message the other day from Hillary about a "crazy" post party. Anything crazy goes, so in no particular order, here's an example of the crazy that goes on at our house.

1. Way back in 2001, in the days before our days were filled with bottles, naps, changing diapers and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, we took not one but TWO trips to Hawaii. In the same year. Just 6 months apart, actually. And it was great! We even got another trip in before Sam came along. We are just a little bit Hawaii obsessed. And on another level of crazy, we plan to go back in 2011 for our 15th anniversary - and probably will even take the kids.

2. We sold our house back in 2005 - and moved just 1 week before Sam's 1st birthday party. Not only did we work like mad to make the house presentable, we prepped and cooked food to go along with our Hawaiian Luau theme the next weekend {Did I mention we like Hawaii a little bit?}. For 40 or so people.

3. We spent most of Fall Break this past weekend in Louisville, KY. We spent Saturday afternoon at Joe Huber's Family Farm. In Indiana. So, you could say that we drove all the way to Indiana - 300 miles - to get our pumpkins. While that may seem a little crazy, Pete is convinced that it was not too far to drive for the meal that we had at their restaurant. It. was. wonderful!

4. We went to Disney World as a {with kids} family for the first time last year. With our 17 month old. People asked why we would want to do that. The trip wasn't for Grace - it was for Sam. So we hopped on a jet plane to Orlando with the kids and a semi nap-friendly schedule. We survived. And have been back. And will go back again soon.

5. The freshest silly or crazy thing in my mind that we have done is getting the equivalent of front row tickets to see Rick Springfield at Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville. We'll spend the evening with my SIL & one of her friends at a table within sweat flinging distance of Rick Springfield. And after the show, we'll get to meet him LIVE in person. And I'll have to work hard to separate him from Dr. Noah Drake in my mind. We'll be all giggle-y and have a great time though.

I have noticed a trend as I have thought about this post and put it together. We're a little crazy about travel. What are you crazy about?


  1. Wanna know a crazy secret? When in the car with my hubs, I sing, "I wish that I had JASON'S girl" really loudly over Rick Springfield as a joke. I'm a dork. And would totally love Rick's sweaty fingers, too!
    Y'all are some crazy traveling fools! I love it! We would love to go to Hawaii one day. And Disney. Really, your whole list would be great!
    And thank you so much for playing along in the carnival!

  2. I would tell you that Illinois has better "punkins" than Indiana, but they are the same since our town is right on the border of both! ;)
    Great list! If you ever need a stand in on one of those trips to the islands, let me know! I'll be a crazy traveling fool with you!

  3. I just want to know one thing. When you had your Hawaaian theme party, did you wear a coconut bra and hula skirt? http://antiquemommy.com/2009/09/23/flaming-pineapples/

  4. Hoo...your travels are making ME tired! I know from experience that traveling involves ALL KINDS OF CRAZY that you don't even remember 'cause you just have to block it!