Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hockey date

Pete got a pair of tickets to Friday night's Huntsville Havoc home opener from work. He said his first thought when he could only get 2 tickets was for Sam & I to go to the game. He said he knew how much I enjoy going to the games and thought it would be fun for us to go. I'm glad he thought of it. We had a great time!

We had our usual round of 20 - or 100 - questions, and this time the subject was hockey, of course. I really had to dig deep to retrieve my hockey knowledge. We have only been to a few games since Sam was born. Although he sure can dish it, Sam is not a big fan of a lot of noise. It took him a while to get use to all of the noise - air horns, people cheering, yelling, etc. He even asked me after they scored their 2nd goal if people would have be loud if they scored again. I told him that he would know that the Havoc had scored again - even if he didn't see it.

During the 2nd intermission while we were just hanging out waiting for the game to start back up, I snapped these pictures. He was getting tired {long day at school plus he was on meds for a sinus infection}, but he was not ready to go home yet. I offered several times.

And then I caught this clip when "YMCA" came on over the PA system. Delirium had set in.

I saw my cousin {who is 14 and helps out with the intermission games & entertainment} talking to a security person near us. I called him over to say hi & see how the family was doing. He offered to get Sam a hockey puck. I told him that Sam would love it so he went & got one for him. Sam was so proud of that puck. He insisted on holding it as we were walking out of the arena to the van. And he quickly fell asleep on our way home. With the puck glued in his hand. We tried to take it away from him as we were getting him into bed, but even in his sleepy state, he asked for it. So he slept with it all night.

I'm glad we got to have another date night. It has been a while. But Pete needs to take him {or we should all go soon} to make sure my fuzzy memory of hockey rules is correct.

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