Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a GRAND escape

Pete & I had to make a road trip last weekend. We had condo business to take care of at the beach. With our busy weekend and limited timetable {5+ hour drive each way, meetings, a few condo to-do's}, I asked Mom to keep the kids for us. And since cleaning the condo after such a quick trip was right up there on my list with sticking needles in my eyeballs, we splurged. And stayed somewhere else. Someplace GRAND. And it was. The Grand Hotel in Point Clear.

To our surprise, our room was upgraded to a junior suite in the historic main building.

We got down there late Friday afternoon and then ran a few errands. Saturday, we had a couple of meetings to attend and a few more errands. We caught part of this beautiful sunset Saturday evening before we had dinner at the hotel.

The hotel was really nice. The history just oozed from the wood paneled walls in the halls and the giant fireplace in the main lobby.

This is what we looked at Saturday while in & out of the condo. It was absolutely beautiful...but a little crisp.

It was great to getaway - even if we had such a short amount of time to get everything done. Although...it was more of a tease than a fix - beach fix, that is.

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