Monday, October 5, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I know it is early, but I would like to go ahead and put in our request.

Sam needs a new bicycle. We finally got around to taking the training wheels off of his bike. And he took right off. He hasn't been riding it much lately because he likes his scooter so we didn't realize how big he has gotten for it. His circus clown bike routine is cute, but he is sure to knock his knees on his handlebars soon.

And I am sure there must be some kind of ratio law for height vs. bike size. He is starting to tower over his bike.

While we're at it, could we please have a bicycle for Grace? She has gotten the Flintstones move down, and I think she is ready to move to pedal power.

Again, I know it is early. But, I know you have lots of bikes to build. See you at the mall!

Sam & Grace's Mom

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