Monday, September 21, 2009

I went to Mississippi...

...and all you got was this really long post that took me a week to put together....

We spent last weekend in Starkville, MS to go to Pete's cousin's wedding {and for Pete to take pictures}. We left Friday afternoon in order to get there in time for the rehearsal & rehearsal dinner that evening. Not only was Pete taking pictures, but Grace was a flower girl in the wedding.

In the interest of time, we traveled the back way to get to Starkville {instead of interstate}. We were about half way there, and Sam had woken up from a nap. And naturally, he needed to go to the bathroom. So, we stopped at this gas station that we have stopped at a few times over the years on our way to Fayette {my grandmother was from Fayette so her family is there}. Pete came back out and said that he felt like he had stepped back in time about 30 years in that store. I agreed that the area we were in definitely was like going back in time. A place where you have to travel as long as an hour - or more - to "get to town". A bathroom stop at a gas station wouldn't be complete without grabbing a drink & a snack - something we haven't done much the last few years since we typically travel with kid snacks. But, we decided to get a snack this time. So the guys came back with candy bars & drinks. For the first time, Sam ate a full size Hershey chocolate candy bar. He has had some candy in small doses, but never a full size bar.

We were back on the road and made it on down to Starkville. We went to rehearsal where it took Grace a while to warm up to everyone. She wasn't sure that she wanted to wear her princess dress and throw flower petals from her basket. We finally decided that she could just hold her cousin's - the ring bearer - hand and walk with him. Just walk down the aisle, please!!!

Grace & her cousins - 2 flower girls & a ring bearer

After rehearsal, we took the kids back to the hotel to stay with some babysitters that Pete's aunt had arranged while we went to the dinner. Another first. The kids hadn't stayed with anyone other than family {or day care/MMO}. Other than the excitement of the fire alarm going off because of a fog machine being used in the lobby restaurant for a party or something, they did pretty good. Then the hard part...trying to settle them at 10:30 - they were still pretty wired. We finally got them settled. And Grace slept with Sam - instead of a portable crib.

The wedding was at 12:30 on Saturday, so we got to the chapel at about 10:00 so Pete could get as many pictures done before the wedding as possible. He was busy! Grace wore her princess dress along with her cousin {the other flower girl} and the bridesmaids.

When the wedding finally started and the wedding party was walking in, Grace was having a fit because some of her flower petals had spilled out of her basket. Not that she was going to throw them, but she would not walk down the aisle without them. And then at the last minute, the bride & groom's rings came loose off of the pillow. So between me trying to gather up flower petals & Pete's uncle trying to re-tie the rings, we were scrambling at the last minute.


The kids made their way down the aisle and did pretty good during the ceremony. Grace did try to chase after Pete at one point when she saw him off to the side taking pictures. I was pleased wit how Grace did especially since going to church on Sunday can sometimes be a disaster. If only she could cooperate like she did at the wedding when we go to church.

A few pictures were done after the wedding, and then we made our way to the reception location. We had great food, a few more pictures & the bride & groom were on their way.

Mr. & Mrs. P

We went back to our hotel for a nap, then headed to Pete's aunt & uncle's house for dinner. Grace was asleep before we got back to the hotel that evening, so I stayed in the room with her while Sam & Pete went swimming. We went to bed a little early - it was a long day.

4 generations - Pete, his mom, his grandfather and Sam & Grace

We left Starkville after breakfast Sunday morning. For a change in scenery {and a decent option for lunch - Fayette & the other small towns along the back way have pretty limited choices}, we decided to come home via the interstate instead of the back roads. And I joked with Pete that after spending so much time on the MSU campus, we might need to go by U of A to get the "germs" off. Sam hadn't been to Tuscaloosa so it was a good chance for him to see the stadium. Pete offered to let Sam & I jump out so I could take his picture. I got a few shots of him in front of the stadium, then we walked towards it and looked at the coaches' statues.

Sam at Bryant Denny Stadium

There might be a little football attitude in that expression?

We got to Bear Bryant's statue, and I was telling him about Bear and how he coached in the 60's, 70's & early 80's. And he was a really popular coach. And won several National Championships. At the end of my spiel, his question was..."well, when did he become a statue?" So then I had to explain that it wasn't really him.

A few raindrops later, we were headed back to the car in hopes of not getting drenched. We continued on to Birmingham to find lunch - at J Alexander's - and then headed on home.


  1. I love, "when did he become a statue?"!! Hilarious!!

  2. Sounds like you had a great trip...Those kids are really growing..I love Sams little freckles on his nose. Sheila