Monday, September 21, 2009

"He played t-ball on that field"

OK, it wasn't this exact field, but my brother played t-ball at the ball fields where Sam plays soccer. {It was his first time to come & see Sam play and maybe the first time he'd been to the park since he played there. And his wife & kids heard all about it. He must have told them about 30 times as they walked to our field that he played ball there.} For Sam's age group, they divide the outfields into 6 soccer fields.

Sam has been a little off at times lately during soccer. I told him before we left the house that he needed to play good - focus on the game, the ball, etc.

because he had a crowd coming to see him play that day. My mom & step-dad along with my brother, his wife & kids all came. I think we increased the fans for our team by like a 1,000 percent. And being a Saturday in September, everyone showed their team spirit.

I joked that my niece was a ball magnet cause it seemed like any time the ball was kicked out, it was in front of her.

Sam played good - and played hard. He got to play 3 quarters during the game. While he was out during the 3rd quarter, he followed Coach Pete {aka Daddy} around and supported his teammates. And he was so funny to watch because while he was standing {I use that word loosely} there watching the game, he could not be still. He was jumping up & down and kicking his foot. He wanted to be in. there. playing. so. desperately.

During a break in the action, I turned around to the field behind us. There were a few kids from another team jumping in the puddles on the field. I love this shot!

And when Spiderman - I mean Sam
- wasn't watching the game, I caught him climbing the fence.

After the game, Sam & J {who also plays soccer} had a quick game while we got our chairs and got ready to leave.

We headed back to the house for lunch, the football game and my brother's birthday. Happy Birthday bro! And ROLLLLLL TIDE!!!

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