Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Grace Speak

Grace has been cracking me up lately with some of the things she says - sometimes the words themselves, other times just her tone.

Grace Speak vs. People Speak

Spicy cheese vs. slice of cheese

A common "you've already had a snack" or "it's too late for you to have sugar" snack option {really ulitimatum - take it or have nothing} is a slice of Kraft singles cheese. Grace can't quite get out the slice of cheese so she calls it spicy cheese.

Ogrut vs. yogurt

Grace is my yogurt eater. She likes it for breakfast. She will ask to have some Dora ogrut. And she isn't shy when she sees Daddy with his ogrut. They have shared ogrut many a mornings.

Ogrut vs. okra

And she eats okra, but she has been known to call it ogrut. Okra, yogurt...similar I guess?

Some of Grace's other sayings...

"Helllloooo kiddos"

"it's kind of like..."

"It's really hot today" - Grace says this pretty much anytime she walks outside & the sun is in her eyes. It could be 100 or 70...same response.

"That's going to be awesome!"

"Ok, whatever" - This can vary from a casual, it really doesn't matter "ok, whatever" to a long drawn out complete with the look {where does she get that look?} "okkkaaayyy, WHAT-ever"

"Daddy looks like uncle Peter" - cause he is uncle Peter! A couple of our nephews were here recently, & Grace heard them call her Daddy "uncle Peter".

"Uncle Peter was cracking me up this morning
" - again, a result of hearing her cousins call her Daddy "Uncle Peter".

"Let's get out of here, dude!" - Grace came into our room early one morning recently. She laid down with us for a few minutes before she decided she didn't want to rest any more. She said to Pete, "let's get out of here, dude!".

In other breaking news, we recently discovered after Grace begged for some of my bread pudding, that she. does. NOT. like. it.

and she'll pull back just to get away from it.

More to follow, I'm sure...

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