Thursday, September 24, 2009

9 minutes 45 seconds

I have known for 5 years, 2 months and 6 days that you just never know what to expect when you have kids. The surprises never stop. And I had another one today.

A little history....

Sam brought home a flyer last week for a fundraiser. And it was probably the 42nd fundraiser they have had in the month and a half since school started. We've sold coupon books. We're collecting box tops and campbell's labels. We've eaten at local restaurants for school nights. And we're getting ready to do a read-a-thon for the library. This particular fundraiser wasn't for the school. It was for the hospital here - for kids.
I looked at the flyer and decided that we wouldn't participate for a couple of reasons.
1) We're doing lots of fundraisers already.
2) It is a fun run. We generally don't run anywhere
{unless publix, target or getting dinner count (and not counting soccer)}.


I had no idea that they would talk about it at school {P.E., I'm guessing}. But they did. Yesterday. And again today. Sam got off the bus and said that the fundraiser was today, and he wanted to go. And he asked if I had the form they sent home from school. And my little form for Sam is somewhere in the local landfill.

I quickly got online and googled it. Bingo! I found the form. It was 3:30. Sam's group {preschool & kindergarten} was scheduled to race at 4:00. Grace was still napping, so I had to get her up and ready to go & make the 20-25 minute {at best} drive across town. There was no way we'd be there in time for him to run with his group. They would allow kids to run at a different time, but the kids would not be able to win a trophy if they didn't race with their age group. I told Sam this {and emphasized that he could still get a t-shirt if he finished} as we were leaving to hopefully avoid a nuclear explosion. He talked more about it on our way to the field. He said "it's just a mile. That's all. What's the big deal?" We got there just before the 4:15 race started.

I had absolutely no idea what to expect. Sam hasn't done any kind of organized running. Yeah, he plays soccer, but there's more to that than just running. So the race started, and he was pretty close to the front of the pack. And he stayed there. He kept with it. He'd slow down occasionally, and then he get a burst of energy and move ahead. But I was impressed and proud that he stayed with it.

After he crossed the finish line in 9 minutes 45 seconds, he got a ribbon. And then we got his shirt. He was so tired. And he asked, "why did it have to be so long?"

As we were leaving, we heard them announcing the top 15 for his age group. Had we made it in time, he would have finished in the top 15. Number 15 finished at 9 minutes 48 seconds. I am pretty sure he could have finished #15 if not better. Had he been running with his group, he might have pushed harder. But he did great. He set his mind to doing something and finished.

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