Saturday, September 5, 2009


I have wanted to post since my last post, but I can't seem to find the time to get pictures uploaded and put words on paper - I mean, screen. This post was supposed to be a "weekend review" for last weekend. And it is the weekend again, so now it is just an update.

Last weekend, we had a pretty busy weekend. Working in our bedroom, soccer practice, soccer game, shopping, working in the yard, church, working in Pete's office, dinner with my parents, playing outside with the kids. We accomplished a lot, and I wasn't exhausted from it either!

We got our bedroom rearranged. We were able to move the dresser and wardrobe around to make room for a chair.

And we got a new TV "console" {console - we bought a console & not a TV stand} to put on the wall opposite the foot of the bed. {Do you know how hard it is to find a TV "console" for your bedroom these days? We didn't want to spend a whole lot & looked at Target and every other place in town we could think of. The problem is that we wanted something 30"-36" tall so that we could sit or lay in bed & watch TV. With the advent of widescreen TVs, manufacturers seem to think that all TV "consoles" should be in the 21"-24" range. Or you can pay thousands for one that the TV comes up out of, but besides cost, I'm not interested in all. And mounting it on the wall isn't an easy solution either. What do you do with components, then?}

This week in the bedroom...

The new lamps are in place, but I am still trying to decide about wall lamps. I saw some in the Southern Living Idea House in a recent Southern Living issue. I really think the look is neat, but I haven't had much luck finding any yet. I haven't looked extensively, but so far, the best bet is Pottery Barn. We'll see...

I put the bedding on the other day and really like it. I think we might need a few more pillows...or not.

We are slowly getting there. Next up...drapes and wall decor.

We have finally finished up the first phase of our front flowerbed makeover. Most of it was done back in May/early June, but we had a crepe mytle & 3 azaleas that we just couldn't manage to get into the ground. All the time we spent watering them to keep them alive for the last 3 months, we probably could have already planted them. Oh well, at least they are happy now.

{We still need a little mulch to finish up and to decide if or what we should do about the edging. The edging issue will be resolved next spring in part 2.}

As I mentioned before, Pete's office has been neglected {as much as or even more than the plants} since we moved in. We finally spent a few hours in there last weekend trying to finish unpacking knick knacks & stuff. We still have more to do in there, but we also got curtains hung in there and made room for a rug. More progress! :)

We are gearing up for a fun weekend with family & friends. We'll be celebrating the start of football season today {Roll Tide!} with some family & friends and then having some other friends over for dinner Sunday evening. I am looking forward to entertaining again!

Happy weekend!

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