Monday, August 10, 2009

two weeks...and no paci

we had one of sam’s friends over a couple of weeks ago to play while his mom ran some errands. grace was right in the middle of them playing. sometime during the morning, she lost her paci.

i looked for it when naptime came. i looked everywhere. in her bed. under her bed. in the toys. in the kitchen. my bedroom. the recliner.

i never found it and just decided to go for it. we had been putting off taking the paci away. {sam lost his on his 2nd birthday because he kept throwing it on the floor. grace was still pretty attached to it – naptime & bedtime particularly – and hadn’t pushed any buttons to make us want to get rid of it.} it took about an hour & a half, but she finally went to sleep without it.

and hasn’t had it since.

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