Sunday, August 16, 2009

Top 7 things that Sam learned during his first week of school

7. Friday is "free choice" day in P.E.

Sam said they do exercises in P.E. Monday through Thursday. On Friday, they get to choose from basketball, jump rope "for more than one person" among other things.

6. His lunch code.

To pay for lunch, Sam has to enter his code into a keypad in the lunchroom. This number will stay with him through high school as long as we are in the same school system. They sent home a sheet with a keypad printed on it for him to practice. He had it down that night {and even got sticker later in the week for knowing it!}.

5. When you ride the bus to school, you get to sit in the library until time to go to your classroom.

4. The buddy system.

Sam drinks a lot - water, juice, doesn't matter. The class takes restroom breaks as a class. When the kids need to go to the restroom in between official breaks, they go with a friend.

3. Buying lunch in the cafeteria isn't always what it is cracked up to be.

Sam's list of favorites & not so favorites has already started. He had nachos the other day, but he didn't really like them because "they weren't how he wanted them to be."

2. "It really is a buffet!"

Sam saw the lunch line when were at open house, and he said "oh, look! It's a buffet!" We weren't sure so we told him that he'd have to find out when school started. He bought his lunch on the first day (and every day since so far) and with help from his teacher, fixed his own plate...from the buffet.

and the #1 thing Sam learned during his first week of school...

"I would rather just catch the bus!"

For me, Sam riding the bus home in the afternoon is great. Grace is usually napping at the time school gets out. The option of staying home & letting her nap is great. And to be greeted by this sweet face is one of the best parts of my day.

We have offered, though, for Pete to take him on his way to work. I feel a little guilty for him riding the bus both ways, plus he wouldn't have to get up & to school quite as early. He loves the bus and doesn't want us to drive him.

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