Tuesday, August 25, 2009


has officially started. And I promise those are soccer shorts that Sam is wearing - and not a kilt!

Pete is doing a little coaching...

Sam is doing a lot of running and a little kicking...

a little throwing in...

The season has just started, but I can already see a big difference in Sam's skills over last year. He has just grown in general in the last year, but he has also played a season of indoor soccer & t-ball. All of which I think have helped him.

We have noticed that if Sam doesn't have possession of the ball for throw ins, kick offs, etc. then he is more worried about keeping the opponent from scoring than actually scoring a goal himself.

Did I mention he has been kicking?

It is a little tough to watch the game, watch Grace & shoot pictures all at the same time. Per Pete's suggestion, I have been trying to get more action shots. I'm not near the photographer that he is, but I do occasionally get some {in my opinion} decent shots.

When I downloaded the pictures from last week's game and reviewed them, I was impressed with this particular shot for a couple of reasons. One, I managed to get an action shot that is focused where it should be and that isn't missing any parts
{ie, his partial head in the pic above} because of his movement or mine {I'm also trying to keep up with Grace, remember?}. The other thing that impressed me was his form. Pete was a kicker in high school, and this really reminded me of some shots of him that are somewhere in a shoebox {I mean acid free photo box}. If I was more technically savvy {and had a better scanner and/or negative scanner}, I would post a picture to show you. For now, you have to take my word for it.

Long story short...I think we may have a kicker on our hands. If not that, then a good defensive player.
And I'll continue my juggling act as long as he wants to play.

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