Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sam goes to kindergarten

I can’t believe it is here. Sam's first day of kindergarten. I am not sure how to feel about it. On one hand, I am excited for him and for all that is to come. I know he will have fun and learn a lot at the same time. He is so inquisitive {have you had the chance to play “20 questions” – or sometimes 100 – with him? he loves it!}. Such a curious one.

On the other hand, I am afraid of starting this phase. I think that I will blink, and he’ll be a 7th grader like my oldest niece. {It doesn’t seem like she is really old enough to be in 7th grade.} I think about how old I am and how old I will be when he is a 7th grader.

I think the day has been a little easier for me because as I was turning on the shower this morning, I heard Sam come stomping down the hall towards our room {not in a “don’t make me do this” kind of way, but a “I have new shoes on & am already dressed for school” kind of way}. He woke up at 5:32…5:44…5:45 – he couldn’t remember. He got up, straightened up his room and got dressed.

From that point on, Sam could not wait to get to school. I was trying to get ready, and Pete was fixing breakfast {he always cooks our standard special breakfast – french toast}. While Sam was waiting for breakfast, he colored and kept saying “I just want to get to school. That’s all I want to do.”

When we finally made it to school, Grace wanted to be like big brother…she had to take her backpack in with her. Sam wanted us to just drop him off – he could find his way to class. Pete told him that we’d come in, and he could show us the way to his classroom. He did pretty good.

We made it to his classroom, put up the remaining items he needed, took a couple of pictures and were on our way. And Sam stayed for his first day of kindergarten.

He wanted to ride the bus home today, so I will be waiting anxiously at the corner for him to find out how his day went.

My big boy.

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