Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ominous clouds

I was driving down the road the other day {Sam's first day of school} with Grace, and we were on our way to meet Pete for lunch. I was in an okay mood considering that it was Sam's first day, but I was taking things in in a little different way {or maybe I could just hear myself think since he wasn't there to try to win a "who can be the loudest in the car" contest}.

These clouds kind of moved along with me. I just thought they were neat. I didn't have a good place to stop, but I managed to get a few shots while at red lights, waiting to turn, etc.

The first few kind of remind me of mountains...

Love the {ocean} waviness of this one...

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  1. I was reading something of Dan Satterfields' on Facebook and learned that these clouds are asperatus clouds, pretty neat, they really do look like waves... they were just named recently, and I'm not sure how they made it this far without being named.. haha