Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Finally Fencin' In, Fixin' Up & Finishin' Up for Fall

Can you say that 5 times fast?

I have been working on this post for a few days now. I had visions of verbage and photos throughout my rambling list. But, this post must be finished...I must move on.

Now that Sam is in school and we are getting back into a more regular routine, I have been thinking about things that we (or in some cases, I) would like to do or need to do around the house. In no particular order, here are the things I would like for me/us to work on during the fall.

1. Fence in the backyard

We had a fence at our last two houses, and I miss it so much! I love the extra privacy. Having a fence makes it much easier to send the kids outside to play without worrying that they will be in the street - Grace especially!

This is actually a work in progress. We got estimates & submitted our plan to the HOA back in June, and the work is finally getting done this week. Woohoo!

2. Finish decorating the kids rooms

Sam's room is almost finished. Just one more box of things to hang on the walls. And he is done. Grace's room, on the other hand, needs more help. I don't like the furniture arrangement. And we haven't put a single thing on her walls. I would really like to finish!

3. Finish unpacking the office

Poor Pete. His office has been so neglected since we moved in. There are just a few boxes left in there to unpack. And the hall closet is almost full of his stuff. Can't we just get on with finding homes for his stuff so he can actually use and enjoy his office? I hope so.

4. Fix up our bedroom

I have been inspired to do something with our bedroom by watching Design Star {and other HGTV shows} and also some blog reading including Nesting Place where The Nester talked one day about her biggest decorating mistake. She talked about regretting that she didn't make the master bedroom a priority.

Our bedroom has never been a page out of a magazine or like you stepped into a room at a bed and breakfast or a nice hotel. But, it has been even less so for the last 5 or 6 years. It has been littered with maternity pillows, then a pack-n-play, diapers, breast pump and other baby stuff. Now that we are getting somewhat back to normal {although I'm not sure if the kids will EVER stay in their beds all night every night}, I am ready to make it a place to relax without looking at the extra clutter.

I found this set at JCPenney. The blue isn't as bright as it looks in this picture. It's more of a blue gray. I am working on curtains, accessories, etc. to finish out the room. I would love to put a chair in there and maybe do something different with the TV {different TV stand, mount it on the wall, or put it over the wardrobe}.
So, there is probably a furniture rearrangement in the works too.

5. Finish decorating the house

We are mostly finished with the decorating in major areas of the house - we just need some stuff on the walls.

6. Finish scrapbook projects

I think that I have about 42 scrapbook projects in various stages. I would love finish up some of those I can move on and start new ones.

7. Fix me up

I like food. Ok, I love it. I would like to find a way to 1) cook more {which I have been doing more since Sam started school}, 2) cook good food, and 3) cook and eat healthier food. I would like to be healthier, skinnier and just have fun with the kiddos. And them being healthier would be great too.

Since it has taken me so long to put this together, I can safely knock #1 off the list. Now I can see what else we can do to fix up & finish up projects this fall. In between school, church, soccer and Alabama {Roll Tide!} football, of course.

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  1. Love the new bedding and love the Nester! She is great!
    I'm a list maker, too, so I hear ya'. It takes that initial writing down to get it started. Good for you!