Friday, July 17, 2009

welcome to the jungle

i had a dream before we bought our new house that the new house would have woods or a tree line of some sort along the back. i think the dream was based on conversations we have had over the years about our ideal house. while we like having neighbors, we loved the idea of the privacy & "closeness to nature" that not having a backdoor neighbor would give us.





pete & adam spent an afternoon fighting in the "jungle" to clean up and try to tame the wild. they won the battle...with wounds (a little poison ivy) to prove it. the war rages on... pics of their progress later.


  1. the week after was utter torment, haha, but it finally went away and it was so worth it, that *weekend* was fun, was it a weekend? i dont think so, haha

  2. It was actually during the week. Thanks again for all of your help! We couldn't have gotten it done without you! And thanks for stopping by... :)

  3. hmm, something i just noticed, the pictures on here are of me watching pete work.. im sure that looks good! hahaha

  4. I could dig up some of you actually working if that makes you feel better... :)