Sunday, July 26, 2009

houston…we have a problem

meet pete. 


he is my best friend, my hubby of over 13 years.  we met 18 years ago at our summer job - here.  we dated through college and married as we were graduating.  {sidenote:  i spent 17 years at the museum before i got my current gig as a bon-bon eating, soap opera watching stay at home mom.}  he is a wonderful husband, and i am so thankful that the kids have him for a dad.  he can do lots of things…play ball (baseball, soccer, football, golf – and he coaches soccer & t-ball), take great photos, tackle landscaping challenges, grow delicious tomatoes, work a smoker (have you had his chicken?  if not, you should), build awesome built in bookcases, fix a leaky toilet and other home repairs, and do most anything the kids want to do (building a snowman, playing ball, putt-putt, etc.).  and i’m sure i’ve left something out.

when he’s not busy doing all of the things he manages to pull off, he spends his time at his day job as a software engineer supporting the international space station.  he has spent most of his career at this job.  it is a great job – he works monday through friday with little weekend work or overtime required.  he has had to travel a little bit but not much since sam was born.

i think i have a taste of what it is like to be a doctor’s wife.  he got a call from work yesterday about a carbon dioxide problem on the space station.  i don’t much about the problem, but when the space station calls you kind of have to stop what you are doing and take care of the problem.  there’s no sending them to the hardware (or software) store for a new part or scheduling an appointment for a check-up when it is convenient.  it is kind of like emergency surgery or delivering a baby.  it. doesn’t. wait. 

we thought we had dodged the bullet, but he eventually had to go into work last night.  we had friends over for dinner, so he grilled & swallowed his steak almost whole and rushed off to work. and he is there again today – until the problem is fixed as it looks now.

i guess the good news for us is that with any luck, he will have a couple of days off since he has pretty much worked the whole weekend.  maybe our last getaway before schools starts can be extended a couple of days…and we can go somewhere new.  a little further from home.

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