Wednesday, June 17, 2009

my dinner date

It seems as if our to-do list is growing these days. We get one thing accomplished, and 10 things take its place. The current hot button is the sprinkler system. With the rain finally coming to an end and the heat and humidity setting in, it is time to kick off the sprinkler system for the season. (We perhaps should have done it sooner, but the rain bought us some time to actually get to it.)

Sprinkler people and fence people and others {insert other contractor type person of choice here} remind me of appliance people. My Dad was an appliance person. They tell you that they are coming, and you sit and wait for them to show up.

Sprinkler man was to be here at 5:00 - church is at 7:00. If he showed up on time, we could be at dinner by 6:00 and still make it to church.

5:50 - Still no sprinkler man

5:51 - Pete says "Why don't you go ahead & take the kids to eat? I'll catch up with you later." I said ok.

5:52 - Reality set in. Me with Sam & Grace at O'Bryan's salad bar trying to make 2 salads with Chloe on the loose. NO WAY!

5:55 - Plan B (or is it C now?) - Divide & conquer. Grace can stay & eat at home with Pete. Sam & I can have a dinner date at O'Bryan's. Meet up at church.

So off we went. I was excited to have a little one on one time with Sam. Outside the house. We ordered our usual - chicken fingers & fries to share, salad bar for each of us.

I am usually not a big "take pictures in a restaurant" person (unless we're eating somewhere awesome & want evidence of where we've been). But I looked across the table at Sam {by himself with no Daddy beside him}. I couldn't believe how grown up he looked. Eating his huge salad and drinking Sprite - out of a GLASS (what happened to the kid's cup?).

We had a great conversation - talked about his upcoming day at MMO tomorrow {teacher Austin told him that they would play, play, play}, talked about his room {we're mid-rearranging}, and talked about a new episode of the "Backyardigans" he saw today. I am sure there were a few other topics in between my reminders for him to finish eating. It was great. Pleasant. Enjoyable.

I enjoyed our first date. Wonder when the next one will be? Hopefully Pete won't mind. :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

too busy to blog

I am still trying to tweak my blog - from content to style to layout. My original purpose for blogging was to have a way to remember things that I seem to forget so fast...the funny things that the kids say or do and other "simple" moments in life. I think I have evolved from just remembering those things to using my blog as a tool for scrapbooking too. An easy way to document our life until I can scrap it.

Life has been very hectic lately - leaving me little time to blog, create, vent, document, etc. Here's what I have been doing instead.

Watching & documenting Sam's (and Pete's) first season of baseball (t-ball)...

Painting, buying furniture & decorating at the condo...

Making Chocolate Drop Cookies with Sam...

Bringing spice, life, personality to the front flowerbeds...

before...boxwoods, boxwoods, boxwoods

after...crepe myrtles, azaleas, daylilies, soft touch hollies, flowering annuals

Seeing Coldplay in Nashville...

Selling & "saying goodbye" to the old house...

I think things have calmed down just a little...maybe I'll get back to the post ideas that I have. Or maybe I'll just start with what happens tomorrow...only time will tell.