Sunday, May 17, 2009

the trip to the beach, part 2

The morning started with breakfast at the Manley's. Amy fixed a breakfast casserole & biscuits for us. It was delicious! We got to meet Chuck & Amy's grandson,'s Amy holding him.

We really enjoyed our visit with everyone. We talked some about the Disney cruise since they are going with us. The kids had fun playing with Jacob & Julia. Jacob & Grace snuck some of their breakfast from the table & climbed up into Chuck's chair to watch "Bolt".

Sam & Jacob watching "Bolt".

We brought Brittany a little gift for Liam and it was beachy, of course...Julia helped her open it.

After our visit, we were back on the road to the beach. On our way out of town, we took a picture of a neat street sign...

We traveled on to Greenville & grabbed a sandwich for lunch. Sam was asleep so Pete stayed in the van with him while Grace & I stretched our legs & ate outside. It was a little cool (& windy!).

The rest of our trip was pretty uneventful although we did see a couple of interesting things along the way.

We saw a pickup truck that was pulling an RV that had flipped in the median. The RV was trashed - a reminder of how fragile they are. The truck, while not near as bad as the RV, didn't fair too well either.

We saw a couple sitting on the side of the road due to apparent car trouble. It was raining, so they had their beach umbrella up with their beach chair underneath. And the lady was on her cell phone - calling for help, I would guess.

We made a quick trip to the condo to unload, then we headed out to Shrimp Basket for dinner & Walmart for groceries. When we got back, we settled in & got our PJs on. Grace wore her first nightgown.

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