Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Surfin' USA" at MMO

Tonight, we went to church for Sam's graduation from MMO. The theme was beachy so he wore his surfboard "Hawaiian" shirt.

The 2 & 3 year old classes performed first singing several songs - some church songs, some fun kid songs.

Sam's class finished the show with probably 10 songs. Sam was pretty close to center stage and did a great job singing. I could hear him well from my seat. It was fun to watch him in between songs because he was such a goof off.

After singing, the 4 years olds all received their Bibles & diplomas from Mrs. Angie, Mrs. Jennifer & Mrs. Julie.

I wasn't sure how I react to the graduation, but I think the pride I felt in how well he did and how cute he was overcame any tears that might have come. I don't know that it has totally sunk in yet. And I don't think the first day of kindergarten will be as easy.

After the ceremony, Sam had his picture made with some of his buddies, then we headed to get cake. They had some of the kids' recent artwork hanging in the room as well as the kids surfboards and goodie bags. I was real excited to see what the teachers had put together for us...a recipe book of the kids' favorites with the actual recipe from Mom with the kids' version below (very cute!), an "about me" poster, a "let me tell you about my parents" page, a yearbook with snapshots of the kids doing various activities, some pictures and a few trinkets. They did a great job of documenting the year for us - and we'll enjoy looking back at his scrapbook of MMO stuff.

Sam & Mrs. Jennifer

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