Saturday, May 16, 2009

a busy day

We have been trying to decide when to leave for the beach - today after swimming lesson registration, team pictures, ballgame OR tomorrow after a makeup game.

With the weather being so iffy and not knowing if the game would actually be played tomorrow, we decided to go ahead and leave today after all of our "normal" activities were over.

Luckily, Pete was able to handle all of the outside activities so I could stay home & focus on finishing our laundry - and finish packing.

Of all days for me to miss one of Sam's games, it had to be today. As I was finishing up the laundry, Pete & Sam came back from the game. Sam walked in with a big grin & a GAME BALL!!!! And I missed it! He did great hitting the ball, tagged someone out when he played 1st, made a couple of plays while he was at second...and I missed it! But I am still SO proud of him! Great job Sam! He is taking after his Daddy with his sports interest & talent. I hope to have plenty of other chances to see him play.

We ended up not getting on the road until 6:00 pm. Despite heavy rain during some parts of the drive, we were able to make it to Prattville in 2 & 1/2 hours! Unfortunately, Grace napped on the way - and was up past midnight!!!

We'll visit with the Manley's Sunday before we head on down to the beach.

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