Sunday, May 17, 2009

the trip to the beach, part 2

The morning started with breakfast at the Manley's. Amy fixed a breakfast casserole & biscuits for us. It was delicious! We got to meet Chuck & Amy's grandson,'s Amy holding him.

We really enjoyed our visit with everyone. We talked some about the Disney cruise since they are going with us. The kids had fun playing with Jacob & Julia. Jacob & Grace snuck some of their breakfast from the table & climbed up into Chuck's chair to watch "Bolt".

Sam & Jacob watching "Bolt".

We brought Brittany a little gift for Liam and it was beachy, of course...Julia helped her open it.

After our visit, we were back on the road to the beach. On our way out of town, we took a picture of a neat street sign...

We traveled on to Greenville & grabbed a sandwich for lunch. Sam was asleep so Pete stayed in the van with him while Grace & I stretched our legs & ate outside. It was a little cool (& windy!).

The rest of our trip was pretty uneventful although we did see a couple of interesting things along the way.

We saw a pickup truck that was pulling an RV that had flipped in the median. The RV was trashed - a reminder of how fragile they are. The truck, while not near as bad as the RV, didn't fair too well either.

We saw a couple sitting on the side of the road due to apparent car trouble. It was raining, so they had their beach umbrella up with their beach chair underneath. And the lady was on her cell phone - calling for help, I would guess.

We made a quick trip to the condo to unload, then we headed out to Shrimp Basket for dinner & Walmart for groceries. When we got back, we settled in & got our PJs on. Grace wore her first nightgown.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

a busy day

We have been trying to decide when to leave for the beach - today after swimming lesson registration, team pictures, ballgame OR tomorrow after a makeup game.

With the weather being so iffy and not knowing if the game would actually be played tomorrow, we decided to go ahead and leave today after all of our "normal" activities were over.

Luckily, Pete was able to handle all of the outside activities so I could stay home & focus on finishing our laundry - and finish packing.

Of all days for me to miss one of Sam's games, it had to be today. As I was finishing up the laundry, Pete & Sam came back from the game. Sam walked in with a big grin & a GAME BALL!!!! And I missed it! He did great hitting the ball, tagged someone out when he played 1st, made a couple of plays while he was at second...and I missed it! But I am still SO proud of him! Great job Sam! He is taking after his Daddy with his sports interest & talent. I hope to have plenty of other chances to see him play.

We ended up not getting on the road until 6:00 pm. Despite heavy rain during some parts of the drive, we were able to make it to Prattville in 2 & 1/2 hours! Unfortunately, Grace napped on the way - and was up past midnight!!!

We'll visit with the Manley's Sunday before we head on down to the beach.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Surfin' USA" at MMO

Tonight, we went to church for Sam's graduation from MMO. The theme was beachy so he wore his surfboard "Hawaiian" shirt.

The 2 & 3 year old classes performed first singing several songs - some church songs, some fun kid songs.

Sam's class finished the show with probably 10 songs. Sam was pretty close to center stage and did a great job singing. I could hear him well from my seat. It was fun to watch him in between songs because he was such a goof off.

After singing, the 4 years olds all received their Bibles & diplomas from Mrs. Angie, Mrs. Jennifer & Mrs. Julie.

I wasn't sure how I react to the graduation, but I think the pride I felt in how well he did and how cute he was overcame any tears that might have come. I don't know that it has totally sunk in yet. And I don't think the first day of kindergarten will be as easy.

After the ceremony, Sam had his picture made with some of his buddies, then we headed to get cake. They had some of the kids' recent artwork hanging in the room as well as the kids surfboards and goodie bags. I was real excited to see what the teachers had put together for us...a recipe book of the kids' favorites with the actual recipe from Mom with the kids' version below (very cute!), an "about me" poster, a "let me tell you about my parents" page, a yearbook with snapshots of the kids doing various activities, some pictures and a few trinkets. They did a great job of documenting the year for us - and we'll enjoy looking back at his scrapbook of MMO stuff.

Sam & Mrs. Jennifer

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More Cruisin'!!!!!!

4 night Carnival Western Caribbean cruise with a friend...$440

Expedited passport...$160

Receiving the cruise for Mother's Day from the man of your dreams - aka your husband...priceless

Thanks to Pete, I will be cruising at the end of June with one of my best friends - Amy. I am looking forward to the break - more sleep, more sun, more fun & relaxation.

I was reminded of how blessed I am to have such a wonderful husband. Thank you honey!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rain, rain....go away!

Since we had a swine flu "outbreak", I was looking forward to using it as an excuse to actually be able to stay home & get some projects done around the house. We knew going in that the yard would be a big project for us. Even in the "dead of winter" when we were looking at the house and when things just generally don't look the best, we could tell that the yard was in major need of TLC. Something we were excited to do again. Our last house had great landscaping so our need to do things was mostly limited to maintenance. Here we basically have a clean slate...

Boxwoods, boxwoods, and more boxwoods...

Boxwoods, boxwoods, a japanese maple and a few hostas...

Boxwoods, boxwoods and a few more hostas...

So, we headed out to buy new plants...3 crepe myrtles, 7 encore azaleas, 7 soft touch hollies, 5 compact purple diamond loropetalums, 6 stella d'oro daylilies, and 3 lantanas.

We had our "stuff" and were ready to get started. We knew that we would be getting some rain the next day (Friday), but the weekend was forecasted to be nice. Little did we know that the rain wouldn't just fall on Friday, but on Saturday...Sunday...

We have managed to get about a third of our new bushes & plants planted. Hopefully the rain will stop before they die in their pots. We're trying to make sure they stay wet enough, but the pots aren't an ideal long term solution.


It's official!!! We are going on a Disney cruise! I just finished booking a 4 night Bahamas cruise on the Disney Wonder.

We will set sail out of Port Canaveral, FL on Sunday, March 14, 2010.

Here is what our room will look like. We decided to splurge & get an oceanview room - only a couple hundred dollars more than the inside rooms we normally get. And it is a little larger with a window to boot. :)

We'll have dinner here...


great buffets...

a pool with a great slide...

a day in the Bahamas...

a day at the beach...

and a Disney trip wouldn't be complete without fireworks!

315 days until we sail...