Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The worries of a 4 year old

Sam is and always has been very attached to his "softies", "blankies"... whatever you want to call them. When he was a baby, I bought 2 of them from Carter's that were blue & yellow on the front with a duck in the middle. The back was white silky fabric. These are what he calls his white softies. His collection has grown since then to include 2 brown softies, 2 other softies with characters (can't remember who right now), and a "school" softie - which is the one he used at day care. In addition to these small softies, he now uses a blue baby blanket as well as the "Sam" blanket that Grandma made for him. At any given time at home, if he has any, he usually has 4 or 5. Something we are trying to work on.

We try to have him keep his softies at home. When he does take them with us (they have to stay in the van), he can take 2 small ones.

We were out the other day (with softies in tow), and he picked them up and brushed them up against his face. He said, "I like to bring my softies with me so I don't have to worry about them."

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