Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Grace pooped in the potty!

Grace has been talking about using the potty for quite a while. With our upcoming Disney trip, I didn't really want to start potty training until we got back. I didn't think trying to rush her to the potty from some ride line a million miles from the bathroom would be any fun. Despite what I think, she does occasionally use the potty.

Pete was getting Grace's bath ready. She was trying to poop, so he sat her on the potty. And she pooped!!! Yeah!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Late Snow...better late than never

Sam has been asking for snow since the weather started getting cooler back in the fall. He finally got his wish. We got almost an inch of snow overnight. Although we should have gone to church, we decided to stay home to play in the snow. Sam had a blast! And so did Grace.

It didn't take Grace long to start stripping her warm clothes once we got outside. She first pulled off her hat, then the gloves, then the jacket started to come off. As much as she hated it, I decided it was time for her to come inside. Sam & Pete stayed out a little longer throwing snowballs at each other. It was good that we got out when we did. The snow sure didn't last long.